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Every athlete (grades 9-12, new and returning athletes) must complete a new athletic packet each school year.

No Hardcopies are accepted.  



1.  Students can go to the Corona High website, click athletics, then athletic clearance (click here for link).  Student-athletes will need to answer all questions then hit submit or you can have students directly go to the Permission Click website at 

2. Complete the emergency card (click here). Take the Physical Form to your health care provider & have it completed by an MD, DO, PA or NP. MAKE SURE THE DOCTOR SIGNS, STAMPS, and DATES THE FORM.

3. Email the completed forms to   Students may take a photo on their phone and email to 

4.You will receive a signed copy of the Emergency Form from the Athletics Office. This copy of the Emergency Form is your receipt. Present this form to your coach when you attend the first practice/conditioning or tryouts.

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