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Band Camp Information


Band camp is MANDATORY for all Red Coat Regiment members in order to prepare for the upcoming fall season.  Auditions will be held in May 2024 for placement in the marching band.  If you will be attending Corona High School, and you wish to be a part of the group, please e-mail Ms. Rivers, Band Director at


Woodwind Sectional - June 10 @ 8am-12pm

Brass Sectional - June 11 @ 8am-12pm

Battery Sectional - June 12 @ 8am-12pm

Front Ensemble Sectional - June 13 @ 8am-12pm

Guard Sectional - June 14 @ 8am-12pm

Fundamentals Camp - June 19 @ 8am-12pm

Band Camp - July 8 -12 @ 8am- 4pm

Band Camp - July 15 - 19 @ 8am-4pm

Rehearsal - July 24 @ 8am-12pm

Rehearsal - July 31 @ 8am-12pm



  1. Your instrument including all necessary items such as reeds, neck strap, valve oil, sticks, etc.

  2. A lyre and flip folder.  All wind players MUST come to camp with a lyre and flip folder.  They are usually available for your instrument from the local music stores or you can purchase online.

  3. Your show music. If you don't have show music, e-mail Ms. Rivers before the first day of band camp.

  4. A black 1.5 inch binder

  5. Clear sheet protectors (optional)

  6. A pencil (or two!!)

  7. A dot book or small  3x5 or 4x6 spiral notebook with a shoe lace or string.

  8. Lowe's apron (to hold music, flip folders, drill charts, pencils, etc. while on the field) (available at Lowe's. Located by tool belts & knee pads)

  9. A hat (optional)

  10. Sunglasses (optional)

  11. Sunscreen

  12. A water bottle (and lots of water!!)

  13. Lunch and some snacks 

  14. Athletic/Weather appropriate clothes (NO JEANS, DRESSES OR SKIRTS)

  15. Close toed tennis shoes and socks (NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS OR BOOTS)


In order to participate in the fall marching band activities students will be required to complete medical forms. These forms will be posted soon. Forms will be turned in on the first day of band camp.


Additionally, all members must turn in their athletic clearance to the Athletic Office at Corona High School. Athletic clearances MUST be completed before the first day of band camp. Students will not be allowed to participate in any physical activities until they have completed their athletic clearance. Click on this link to start your athletic clearance.



Each student will be required to purchase their band shirts, band/guard shoes, etc. These items are part of the band uniform. Shirts and shoes will be ordered and distributed at the beginning of the season. 

Band Dri-Fits - $15 (estimated cost)

Show Shirts - $15 (estimated cost)

Band Polos - $30 (estimated cost)

Band/Guard Shoes - $40

NOTE: Official costs will be posted as soon as possible!

In addition to our required band attire, students will also be allowed to purchase sweatshirts, member jackets, etc. when/if they are available for purchase or pre-order.


Each student in the program is asked to contribute $100 for the fall season. This pays for operating expenses, including instructional staff, production costs, tournament fees, costumes, uniforms, and much, much more. This donation can be paid all at once, or can be broken down into a payment schedule.

We accept checks payable to "Corona High Band Band Booster Club," cash, or zelle

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