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​​Welcome to Corona High Band ​

The Corona High School Band is located in Corona, California, and is under the direction of Ms. Lauren Rivers. The Corona High Band has a rich Tradition of Excellence that spans over a century. Through this tradition, we explore the art of music, the value of teamwork and the perseverance it takes to be a part of something greater than just ourselves. We do it "for the love of the game." 


Abigail Tolman

Michelle Zavala

Aileen Gurrola

Makayla Sur

Adrian Betancourt


Isaac Tang

Isaac Hernandez

Fatima Castaneda Gonzalez

Alto Saxophone:

Kiera Rodriguez

Jacob Delgado

Tenor Sax:

Jesse Millard

Bari Sax:



Christopher Amaya

Jace Saunders

Benjamin Esparza-Lucio

Zadie Perez


Luke Rodriguez

Kaelyn Rincand


Ricardo Sandoval


Vincent Betancourt

Fabian Elizais


Austin Hill

Fatima Alarcon

Oscar Urrea

Pierce Franklin

Alec Chhun

Heather Pineda

Conner Millard 

Front Ensemble:

Ilanah Villalba

Roselyn Zambrano

Kim Ibarra

Ngan-Xuan Ha

Savannah Walker

Julian Alvarado

Joshua Valero

Steven Mather


Daniella Cervantes

Elisa Hermenegildo

Diana Stutsman

Karla Esquivel

Cara Majcherek

Gisselle Morales

Sariah Wood

Lili Posadas

Deveney Castellanos 

Drum Major:

Aaranie Srikanthan

MEMBERS ONLY: Click on the link to fill out the member information form!

Contact The Director...

If you have any questions, feel free to leave Ms. Rivers a message below! 

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